it's been a while

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Somehow I'm 39.  Somehow I haven't updated this site in the last three and a half years.

A lot has changed.  Some hasn't. Most that has changed is for the better.  Some isn't.  I'm working on the latter for the next year seeing how 40 is coming up.

Here's a song...not quite a birthday song, but one that I enjoyed a lot over the last year.  The turkey reference is quite timely, if off by a few weeks.  Hope you like it as much as I do.

today just feels like a bad dream

that is all.

Hooray New Year's resolutions

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Hooray New Year's resolutions, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Lamarr Houston soaking up Senior Day

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And about to get dogpiled.

Urban art

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Urban art, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

I don't need my existence challenged, thank you.

my baby in the bluebonnets

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my baby in the bluebonnets, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Arielle is definitely a Kaspar

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Arielle is definitely a Kaspar, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

A bad month for bobbleheads

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A bad month for bobbleheads, originally uploaded by tkaspar.


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I still haven't picked a birthday song for this year.  Well, I guess I kind of have.  This'll do until I can come up with something more appropriate.

Eyes of Texas (senior day edition)

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Eyes of Texas (senior day edition), originally uploaded by tkaspar.

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